Kylie's Transformation


“I have regained my self-pride and am living life!”

“After years of competitive swimming, I decided to quit but made no change to my eating habits. I gained 15 - 20kg's and wore size 14 - 16 clothes. I was always teased in high school for being overweight but it wasn't until I met my partner that I really got into trouble. He loved junk food so I quickly adopted the new diet and the weight started to pile on.”

As Kylie shed the initial 10kg, she incorporated regular walks and shared her progress with friends. A photo on her fridge became a powerful motivator during moments of doubt, inspiring her to persevere.

Optislim has not only helped Kylie shed the excess weight but has also restored her energy and confidence. She feels and looks sexy, enjoying a renewed sense of life. Kylie is now able to work, take her kids swimming, and partake in playful moments in the park. Looking in the mirror, she sees a person she is proud to be.